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Ladies come SOOoooOoOooOoOoO easy to the band that never was, but always will be.

There is not enough spave on the entire internet, let alone this website to chronical the epicicity of BSG's dominion over the female kind. Like the rappers always say, "It's all positive." Fpr those of you who yearn for the briefest of glimpses into the good life. Scroll down and injoy a small percentage of the reign the falls down on to BSG from the heavens above. (You may want to play Led Zeppelin's "Battle of Evermore" while vieing this page.

Ladies give up digits like butter
First thing you need to know. Ladies love BSG, and they can't get enough. The image to the left are all the phone numbers BSG collect after spending just one hour in an Hollywood HotSpot. It's crazy. To quote Tupac, who truly understood what it was like to get as much female attention. "Hate to sound sleazy/ But tease me/ I don't want it if it's that easy."
Ladies find BSG on a train
BSG, on tour through Europe trying to get some Z's in there private sleeping cabin. (BSG only goes 1st class) These two Swedish birds ran four miles, risked their lives, got shot at, and held there breath for ten minutes just to get a photo. Ladies take it easy.
Ladies waiting backstage at EVERY show!!!
These two beauts are die hard. Every show, every city. Ladies take it easy!
Ladie used to be innocent
BSG met this girl at a 4H meeting. BSG was giving a free concert and she was feeding children cookies. Pure as the driven snow, she couldn't help her self. She started a long slow gradual descent in BSG purgatory. A lot of women like it there, cigarettes are always free. Lady, go back home. You have a husband that loves you.
Ladies sent from Hades
It's just as well these two fireapple vixenetto twins have dedicated their lives to pleasing and teasing the sacred brotherhood of BSG, there is no other man on the planet up to this challenge. Remember when Terence Trent D'Arby sang the song that went, "Sign your name across my heart, I want you to be my lady?" ...He was singing to the twins... Have you heard much from him lately. I didn't think so. Take it easy with these ladies.
Ladies since the beginning
These groupies have been around since the first show, and they will be there for the last. Still, til this day if BSG snaps fingers and says "Groupies!" with just the right inflection, these three will drop what every they are doing in any corner of the world and find their call with the obedience of a loyal dolphin. BSG would never take advantage of this Power, but just know it exist makes a man's part quiver. Ladies thanks for making it easy.
Ladies go to great lengths
Even just for the right to say that she had even the slightest taste of BSG, this groupy was willing to start from the ground up. Its a beautiful thing. Lady don't change a thing you are doing just fine.